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Taiwan Labels Philadelphia Eagles As “Kafkaesque”

Those cats out in Taiwan are at it again. Prior to Philadelphia’s 20-13 win over Washington on Sunday, they decided to produce another one of their news videos. This one features Jeffrey Lurie as Daniel Snyder and an Atlanta Falcons bus running over an Eagles player.

Getting To Know Mike Kafka

Michael Vick suffered a concussion during Sunday night’s 35-31 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which ushered in the beginning of the Mike Kafka Experience. Kafka, who failed to lead Philly on a go-ahead drive last night thanks to a drop from the otherwise dependable Jeremy Maclin, may be […]

Someone Ice Down Matty Ice’s Arm

I get that it’s the “dress-rehearsal” game for teams around the league during Week 3 preseason action. Yet, what happened in Pittsburgh last night bordered on bizarre. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan finished yesterday’s 34-16 loss at Pittsburgh 22 of 42 for 220 yards with a touchdown and interception…all […]

NFL Preseason Ponderosa: Week 1 Edition

The NFL continued to club viewers over the head with their new offseason slogan, “Back to Football”. This time they had something novel behind it this past weekend…football. Albeit of the preseason variety, game action taught us several lessons and started to build some of the storylines that […]