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NFL Regular Season Ends…Ugh.

The NFL regular season is over. Fantasy football and parties to watch football for ten hours straight…kaput. Yesterday’s play was about as depressing as this song.

Jets Suspend Sal Alosi Indefinitely

After receiving a suspension for the rest of the season, Sal Alosi appeared to survive the worst of his punishment. However, on Wednesday, the Jets strength and conditioning coach was suspended indefinitely by the team after admitting to telling five inactive players to form a wall along the […]

Donald Trump’s Hair Is A New Star

During Monday’s night game, Donald Trump sat next to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. While Mr. Kraft stoically watched his team humiliate the Jets, 45-3, Trump’s hair was flapping in the wind. I’m not sure how someone’s hair has that type of movement but it was rather awkward.

A MNF Lesson In History

Are you old enough to remember when both the Giants and 49ers were two of the best teams in the sport? It’s time to revisit 1990. You know, when Michael Jordan did not have an NBA title to his credit and people enjoyed films like Teenage Mutant Ninja […]