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Alex Smith & Vernon Davis Push 49ers To NFC Title Game

https://twitter.com/#!/VernonDavis85/status/158391246090539010 If I told you that their would be 68 total points scored between the 49ers and Saints, surely one would have suggested that New Orleans would be the team heading to the NFC Championship next Sunday. Well, not exactly.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Picks Party

Do you realize a mere seven games remain in the 2011 NFL season? Color me sad. Nonetheless, we’ve arrived to arguably the best weekend of football remaining. It features five Super Bowl MVPs (Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ray Lewis, Eli Manning, and Aaron Rodgers), two graduates of the […]

NFL Wild Card Picks Party

To those whose teams I pick against, it’s nothing personal just business. I don’t hate your teams. At worst, I’m probably not fond of your quarterback. Without furtherado, here are your blog mandated picks for Wild Card weekend. By the way, I have no interest in laying points […]