Two Minute Warning

Two Minute Warning: Jacksonville, Randy Newman, and You

Los Angeles Rams football gave us Eric Dickerson. Its time for the NFL to return to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Rams football gave us Eric Dickerson. It's time for the NFL to return to Los Angeles.

While speaking with fellow football fan Andy Goldstein, we both decided that the NFL is in need of change. No, we don’t mean changing rules that give even more advantages to quarterbacks and receivers. Yes, Bill Polian, I’m pointing at you. In this new age of economic suffering and blackouts, it’s time we start to pull the proverbial plug on franchises and start moving them.

Candidates you ask? Carolina, Jacksonville, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Seattle. Those franchises make the list because they seem to possess borderline lifeless fanbases and play in less than suitable stadium accommodations. Meanwhile, we can move either San Diego or Jacksonville to LA.

Florida in particular, is a college football state as is the whole southern region for that matter. However, we have the Dolphins and that is good enough. Jacksonville does not have a strong base and plays in a stadium that is car-equivalent of a Ford Pinto.

Prior to the beginning of the 2009 season, 17,000 season ticket holders opted not to renew their season tickets and for their season opener in a 66,000 seat stadium, they had a paid attendance of 46,520. There has been talk recently of them possibly using the Citrus Bowl in Orlando if the NFL decides to expand its schedule. Such a suggestion prompted a reporter to compare that stadium to Joan Rivers being in a Miss America competition. Ouch.

Anyways, down south, it’s college football first and pros second. Without a good product and poor stadium accommodations, Jacksonville serves of little use in the NFL. Either move them to Los Angeles or get them out of the league altogether. The same goes for San Diego, who plays in the antiseptic Qualcomm Stadium. Enough with these teams playing in bad stadiums with somewhat unenthused fans. Either get a new stadium or move on.

As for moving these teams to Los Angeles, it’s a somewhat daunting but realistic proposition.

The first and most important concept is getting a team back to Los Angeles. I know, I know. No one cares about football in Los Angeles. That statement is false on two levels. First off, the Rams and Raiders played in two terrible buildings for football, the Los Angeles Coliseum and Anaheim Stadium. Unless the second coming of Jim Brown trotted out on the field, I would not support them either. A new stadium would solve numerous problems including two:

  1. Stimulate the economy in Los Angeles
  2. Stimulate fan interest in whatever team.

Secondly, it’s the number two market in the country. Continuing to not support football out there is pointless. Would an LA fanbase be worst than Jacksonville, Carolina, or Tampa Bay? So, don’t give me the fanbase argument. It doesn’t fly.

While we have two MLB teams, two NBA teams, and a hockey franchise in Los Angeles an NFL team is asking too much? Ultimately, it comes down to having the funds for a new stadium and finding some wonderful and extremely rich people to support…or when in doubt, just get the tax payers to pay.

Ten Things We Learned In Week 3:

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, we have identified the NFL’s unholy alliance: So, it is apparent that the three worst teams in the league are St. Louis, Kansas City, and Cleveland. Set your fantasy lineups accordingly.
  2. Tennessee’s season is in great peril: The Titans can’t defend the pass, are turning the ball over, and can’t seem to get their starting quarterback untracked. Sounds like their season is almost over to me.
  3. Be careful with quarterbacks over 35: Both Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner did not exactly look themselves on Sunday. Pass rush and constant hits made them glassy eyed passers last weekend. Collins misfired on his final 13 passes on Sunday while Warner looked like he had taken more hits than Joe Frazier in the Thrilla In Manila.
  4. Fred Jackson’s value is about to drop: Jackson leads the NFL with 77 touches: That is about to change though with the return of Marshawn Lynch from his suspension. The party is over for Fred Jackson owners.
  5. Let’s settle down on the Drew Brees for President chatter: Brees failed to throw for a touchdown versus Buffalo last week, thus quieting the claims of the Saints offense torching the NFL,
  6. It seems as if firing your offensive coordinator before season’s start isn’t the best idea after all: Note to all NFL teams. Firing your offensive coordinator before the start of the regular season is not the wisest move. Buffalo, Kansas City and Tampa Bay are a combined 1-8. They rank 17th, 30th, and 25th in total offense respectively.
  7. Playing the Jets defense is bad for your quarterback’s statistical health: Matt Schaub, Tom Brady and Kerry Collins all struggled versus Rex Ryan’s defense. As Brees lurks for the Jets this weekend, consider these numbers Brees owners. Here are the opposing passer ratings versus the Jets:

Matt Schaub 55.9

Tom Brady 53.1

Kerry Collins 41.5

Brees is likely to outperform these numbers, but it will not be easy.

8. Invest in handcuffs: If you haven’t done some recon on the name Glen Coffee, do so right now.

9. Seattle’s new lime green jerseys were an eye sore: Hopefully, those jerseys were burned immediately following game’s end.

10. Dallas is a good running team, just not inside of the 10 yard line: The Cowboys lead the NFL in rushing, averaging 193 yards per game. However, without Marion Barber last week, they didn’t exactly light it up inside the 10. During a third quarter possession, Dallas ran five plays on goal to go from the 10 and they came away with field goal. Even though Tashard Choice eventually punched one into the endzone, they need Barber immediately.

Week 3 BPITW Poll:

Last week’s rankings in parenthesis.

  1. Adrian Peterson (2) – Another week of less than 20 carries! Cheers for preservation.
  2. Drew Brees (1) – Yet again, fantasy met reality in Buffalo last Sunday. The Saints running the ball for over 200 yards is great for them but when Brees is only throwing for under 200 yards and no scores, that is bad news for Brees owners.
  3. Chris Johnson (3) – How long before he is taking handoffs from Vince Young?
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew (10) – The best player on an otherwise completely boring team.
  5. Peyton Manning (6) – Half man, half machine.
  6. Andre Johnson (5) – Johnson killed a few fantasy teams in Week 16 versus Oakland last year by posting two catches.
  7. Reggie Wayne (7) – The NFL’s leading receiver netted 126 yards, a score and a nifty one-handed catch last Sunday night versus Arizona.
  8. Frank Gore (4) – An ankle injury mars what was a solid start for the former Miami Hurricane.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald (8) – Marcus Fitzgerald was not as active on Twitter this week during big brother’s game.
  10. DeSean Jackson (N/A) – Three games, three 60-yard plus plays. Not bad.

Link of the Week:

What I am about to show you is one of the many reasons why people cannot deal with the explosion of more #4 talk. A group of Minnesota Vikings fans did a rap video about their new starting quarterback and ripped a few stars on other teams along the way. Just for the record, after watching this video I’m ok with the Vikings not winning another game all season.

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