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Matt Leinart Meets The Turk

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Matt Leinart’s run in Arizona ended on Saturday when the Cardinals decided to release the tenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Leinart’s fall could be traced back to the infamous “Crown Their Ass” game between the Cardinals and Bears in 2006…or to his awful preseason performance against the Raiders in 2007 or…well, you get the point.

Seemingly every person that has any insight to the Leinart situation said the same thing; his teammates did not believe in him.

For numerical proof, just examine his win-loss record versus that of Kurt Warner from ’06 to ’09:

Leinart: 7-10

Warner: 29-24 (including playoffs)

Warner’s record isn’t sterling but he put far more bread on the table of Cardinal players than Leinart ever did.

One guy led his team to the Super Bowl; the other guy wore a cap during it.

Also, finishing a close second for reasons why Leinart is no longer a Cardinal?

Two guys named Max Hall and John Skelton supplanted Leinart as the flavors of the month in the desert.

P.S. Derek Anderson, you sir are starting on borrowed time.

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