Face of Defeat

Week 1’s Face of Defeat: Kevin Kolb

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Week 1 was an all-around loss for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The Eagles lost to Green Bay 27-20 in what was proclaimed as the beginning of the “Kevin Kolb Era” in Philadelphia.

Now, after the performance of Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick, many fans are wondering if it’s not the “Kevin Kolb Error”.

Vick’s near come-from-behind effort paired with Kolb’s concussion and anemic 5 of 10, 24 yard passing performance, has some suggesting that Kolb should remain on the bench while Vick tries to lead the team back to the playoffs.

I’ll use this opportunity to go on a tangent, if I may. The question should not be Vick or Kolb. The question should be why is Michael Vick with the team.

Let’s chalk up last season as a favor to some person or entity. The addition of Vick made little sense under the circumstances with Donovan McNabb and Kolb already in the fold.

The Eagles had all offseason to clear the decks for Kolb. They successfully eliminated McNabb but Vick hung around.

Then of course, we have the Wildcat formation, which is another problem in this equation.

Prior to Green Bay’s Clay Matthews planting Kolb’s face into the Linc’s ground, Vick made cameos throughout the first half which led mostly to dead ends.

The continuous yanking of Kolb in favor Wildcat Vick just disrupts the offensive flow. Think about all of the successful Wildcat plays you’ve seen with Vick in the lineup in the last season and change.

Still thinking?

Me too.

The point is let Kolb sink or swim on his own. With a bad offensive line blocking for a new quarterback, the time to trick opponents may be down the road but not now.

In summary, Vick being on the team serves as nothing but a distraction. The Eagles need to find out if Kolb play, not get embroiled into a quarterback controversy. His mere presence may continue to haunt the Birds.

Andy Reid still says Kolb is the starter and hopefully, for the team’s sake, he sticks to his guns.

He may have to wait at least a week to see Kolb under center though. Concussion procedures implemented by the league will not allow Kolb to practice until Friday which means Vick may start against the Lions on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Washington, former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb led his team to a win over the Cowboys in his Redskins debut.

Just saying.

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