Music Monday

Music Monday With The Pittsburgh Steelers

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Through the 2010 season’s first three weeks, most of the NFL community has paid attention to the Cowboys, Michael Vick, Brett Favre, and the New York Jets.

Meanwhile, there is a storm brewing again in the Steel City.

Don’t look now but the Pittsburgh Steelers are 3-0 after using Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch at quarterback through its first three games.

After pummeling Tampa Bay 38-13 on Sunday, the Steelers proved that they could probably put Terry Hanratty, Bubby Brister, or Mark Malone under center at the moment and it would not make a dramatic difference.

The undefeated Steelers host Baltimore in Week 4. The Ravens may be without the services of all-purpose tailback Ray Rice, who left the stadium on crutches yesterday after suffering a knee injury.

Even if the Steelers drop the Baltimore game, they’ll head into their Week 5 bye at 3-1, with you know who returning at quarterback in Week 6 against Cleveland.

Granted, they still have some warts (offensive line) but the Steelers are showing signs of a team that will win at least 11 games and possibly go to the…ugh, I can’t type it.

Alas, it’s music time. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Ace of Base…a perfect union.

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