The Ten

The Ten: October 15

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Today marks the 59th anniversary of I Love Lucy debuting on CBS.

As you mull that over, here is today’s food for thought.

1. The Chargers are the greatest 2-3 team in NFL history.

2. Brett Favre might be a game-time decision on Sunday versus Dallas.

3. It appears the Top Gun sequel is in the works…and yes, Tom Cruise is involved.

4. Esquire believes Minka Kelly is extremely attractive.

5. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel cited Ric Flair quotes as inspiration during a press conference about the NLCS. He totally messed it up but it was still quality nonetheless.

6. John Madden took exception to Mike Singletary’s conduct towards Alex Smith last Sunday night.

7. features a cool article about the 32 greatest sports calls of all-time.

8. The decline of Randy Moss in New England is documented by the folks over at Cold Hard Football Facts.

9. Ines Sainz will be working with NFL teams again but not in the locker room.

10. Poor John Elway. The two-time Super Bowl winner was recently victimized by a Ponzi scheme. Ouch.


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