green bay packers

The JMRA Guide To The NFL Playoffs: Green Bay Packers

This is the first of a twelve-part examination of the NFL playoffs as we provide brief looks at each team participating in this year’s postseason run.

Our first stop finds us visiting the National Football Conference and Mike McCarthy’s crew.

#6 Seed – Green Bay Packers

First Round Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles

Best Case Scenario: Their defense and Aaron Rodgers carries them to Dallas and a berth in Super Bowl XLV.

Worst Case Scenario: Missing Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley catches up with them in short-yardage situations and the name Mason Crosby is used quite often when the team visits the red zone. Honorable mention goes to Mike McCarthy’s somewhat questionable time-management skills.

Packer Player of Note: Clay Matthews is a top contender for the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award. The linebacker paces a defense that finished second in scoring (allowed 15 pts per game) and fifth overall. Matthews indirectly turned the fortunes of the Eagles around when he faceplanted quarterback Kevin Kolb in Week 1. The Eagles quarterback suffered a concussion and soon after lost his starting gig to Michael Vick.

Notable Green Bay, Wisconsin Native: Tony Shalhoub of Monk. I have not watched one minute of the show but I heard good things.

Bizarre Note Regarding Green Bay, Wisconsin: Should the Seahawks make an improbable run to the NFC title game and face the Packers, it would lead to a potential meeting between the Pack and Seattle’s Green Bay-born quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst.

A Reason Why The Packers Should Be Worried: Despite being the apple of nearly every analyst’s eye, their record in close games should throw up a major red flag. They are 4-6 in games decided by seven points or less in 2010. 

Bad Moment In Packers Postseason History: Let us jump back to a lost postseason game from the ’04 playoffs…the infamous “Randy Moss Moons Lambeau” Game. This is just an excuse for me to hear Paul Allen’s voice.


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