nfl playoffs

The JMRA NFL Playoff Predictions

Well, here goes nothing…

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card Round

#5 New Orleans 27, #4 Seattle 16

#6 Green Bay 31, #3 Philadelphia 24

Divisional Round

#1 Atlanta 24, #6 Green Bay 21

#2 Chicago 27, #5 New Orleans 20

NFC Championship

Atlanta 21, Chicago 17

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card Round

#3 Indianapolis 31, #6 New York 21

#5 Baltimore 24, #4 Kansas City 10

Divisional Round

#1 New England 30, #5 Baltimore 23

#2 Pittsburgh 31, #3 Indianapolis 17

AFC Championship Game

#1 New England 27, #2 Pittsburgh 24 (OT)


New England 34, Atlanta 31

Summary: From the school of everything happens for a reason…I saw one preseason game in person this season…New England vs. Atlanta.

Clearly, there are numerous landmines for both of the top seeds.

New England will play a team that has already seen them in 2010 unless they draw the Chiefs. When Baltimore got them a second last season, they cashed in on the opportunity.

I think New England is far better equipped offensively to handle any of their AFC opposition. The big question mark for them lies on defense. If the defense plays reasonably well, I think it’s a wrap.

The only other AFC team that can get out of the conference is Pittsburgh, assuming Troy Polamalu is healthy.

In the NFC, the water is even murkier. Everyone is on the Green Bay bandwagon (and perhaps, rightfully so) but truthfully answer this question.

Do you really believe Mike McCarthy can lead a team to three straight road wins?

I really want to believe in Green Bay but they can’t run the ball and McCarthy’s clock management skills are troublesome at times.

Philadelphia is the wild card. They stunk versus the NFC North (1-3 in ’10) and haven’t played well in nearly a month. They have the potential to run the table…or lose in the first round.

The Saints are handing off to Julius Jones and Drew Brees has never won a playoff game on the road. Thus, having your top two runners on the IR probably doesn’t mean long-term success.

That leaves Chicago and Atlanta, the two teams no one really cares to see.

When I asked my nine-year old nephew (an Atlanta native) what he thought of the Falcons, he used shrugged his shoulders and said “ok.”

They are a bit of a snoozefest at times but they get the job done. On the other hand, the Bears have a decent defense and as the Eagles found out in November, Chicago can do a little of everything.

Playing home at the dome will serve Atlanta well…until they travel to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV.

Ultimately, it’s Tom and Bill’s world right now and we’re just living in it.

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