Chicago Bears

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Chicago Bears

Lost in the hullabaloo created over the Jets, Steelers, Packers, and Patriots over the last 48 hours are the Chicago Bears.

The Bears, who trampled Seattle yesterday 35-24, head into the NFC title game on Sunday versus Green Bay as a three-point underdog at home.

Am I crazy for thinking the Bears may win this game?

Check out this tweet from Philly tight end Brent Celek:!/BrentCelek/status/26719256368381953

Packers receiver Greg Jennings joined in on the parade against Soldier Field by calling it “probably the worst in the league.”

It’s better to have Green Bay on that field than in a dome correct?

Add these things up.

The Packers…a passing team…outdoors…on a bad field…versus a division opponent…who held them to 10 points back in December…and already beat them in Chicago earlier in the season.


I really don’t see why the Bears can’t win this game.

Stay tuned kids…championship game previews forthcoming later in the week.

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