Brett Favre

The JMRA Hall of Fame: Class of 2010 – Brett Favre’s Ankle

Our next entry in the JMRA Hall of Fame revolves around a body part. No, no, no kids. Not THAT body part.



The 2010 NFC Championship game will be remembered for many things. One of which remains the vision of Favre limping around on a wobbly wheel towards the sideline after getting blasted by the New Orleans defense.

The cumulative blows in that game may have ultimately contributed to Favre’s untimely throw to Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.

Acting as if he was a college kid excited to post his fresh wounds on Facebook, the weeks to follow saw Favre have photos taken of his hamstring area and left ankle. Those pics were eventually e-mailed by Favre’s agent Bus Cook and published online.

For some reason, they became somewhat popular on the site.

Prior to Cliff Lee’s manger photo hitting the internet, Favre’s ankle was the most viewed image on the site.

It was that same ankle which caused Favre to delay his return to the Vikings prior to the 2010 season.

We will never forget you ankle.

Thank you.

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