Carson Palmer

Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson Challenges Marvin Lewis To A Steel Cage Match

As we sit just under two weeks away from Super Bowl XLV between the Steelers and Packers, we need a momentary diversion.

Enter Chad Ochocinco Johnson.

The Cincinnati receiver changed his name back to plain old Chad Johnson I’m guessing this is a PR move to perhaps better his chances to play in New England. This would not happen even if he changed his name to Jerry Rice.

Johnson, who lobbied on Twitter to play for New England, is in a spat with Cincy head coach Marvin Lewis.

After Lewis’s “Belichick’s smarter than that” comment on pursuing Johnson, the Bengal shot back by challenging his boss to a steel cage match.!/ochocinco/status/29677671478722560

Well, Carson Palmer wants out and now, Johnson is challenging Lewis to a cage.

It appears, the bad Bengals are back in full force.

Since a lockout looms, having a real cage match may not be a bad idea.

They have to pay the bills somehow.

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