JMRA Week In Review

The JMRA Week In Review: Hope (Solo) Sinks

Sorry Team USA. Better luck next time.

We are days away from the end of the NFL lockout thankfully…

James Harrison did not have the best of weeks.

Texans running back Arian Foster ran for over 1600 yards last season with a torn meniscus.

Cedric Benson got arrested again.

Randy Moss is mad.

Former Eagles running back and punt returner Reno Mahe stole $15,000 worth of gas. Apparently his job as a Chickie and Pete’s host wasn’t a financially fruitful gig.

Someone finally figured out that they should have password-protected the Tony Romo wedding video.

Kate Upton is having the best rookie campaign since 1998 Randy Moss.

Jay Cutler is enjoying his offseason.

CM Punk is trying to become the new Stone Cold Steve Austin.

A brief primer on NFL free agency…

ESPN’s Ashley Fox speculates about a Plaxico Burress/Eagles marriage.

Seattle’s Golden Tate doesn’t think NASCAR is a sport.

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