Oakland Raiders

Female Fight Night At Raiders/49ers Game

Here is another fight from that spectacular disaster at Candlestick Park last night.

This time, the ladies get involved in a parking lot melee and it’s a real pier-six brawl.

My only question…WHERE IS THE SECURITY?!?!!?!?!

The city of San Francisco can’t apologize enough for this embarrassing display.

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  1. I am absolutely and phenomenally DISGUSTED by these pigs at the 49ers game and probably even moreso at the pigs behind them who are seen SMILING as people get pummeled. Even as some hold infants! What in the hell has happened in this society? If you people are going to act like wild animals, then go and live in a jungle and be with others of your own kind (wild animals) and leave the rest of us who know how to live in society alone. These pigs have absolutely NO CONCEPT on how people should live in a “normal” society. Shame on you all who were punching, shooting and laughing. You make the rest of us SICK to think we share the common denominator of belonging to the “human” race.

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