Super Bowl XLVI

Rapper Birdman Is Ready To Bet $5 Million On The Patriots To Win The Super Bowl

One man apparently not concerned about the nation’s economy is rapper supreme Birdman.

Earlier this week, he tweeted his willingness to bet anyone $5 million that the New England Patriots will defeat the New York Giants on February 5 in Super Bowl XLVI.

The front man on such rap classics as “Always Strapped”, “Y.U. Mad”, and “What Happened to That Boy”, feels pretty confident about the Pats. However, his challenge has not gone unanswered.

50 Cent is offering to bet “Birdman Skittles” a smaller sum of $1 million.

Birdman has yet to respond.

“Baby” hopes to repeat his success with last year’s Super Bowl. He won $1 million on the Packers, who defeated Pittsburgh 31-25 last year in Dallas.

This would not be the first big ticket wager made by a celebrity on New England during the season.

Boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. won $1 million after the Patriots slammed Denver 41-23 last December.

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