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Super Bowl XLVI Live Blog: Deliver Us From Eli

It’s here. Son of Helmet Catch. Helmet Catch II. Helmet Catch Continues. Helmet Catch: The Empire Strikes Back. Helmet Catch:  Return of the Jedi. 

Giants. Patriots. Super Bowl XLVI. The House That Peyton Manning Built.  


6:10 – Giants come out to “Written in the Stars”…New England runs out to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”…Both teams look like they are willing to sell and eat their young to win this game. By the way, that’s New England’s first win of the night. Ozzy Osbourne is greater than Tinie Tempah.!/TheSportsHernia/status/166298440257646592

6:16 – Totally a pro Giants crowd. Disposable income for the win!

6:19 – Kelly Clarkson cleans up the National Anthem. This is the longest 30 minutes leading up to a game ever. I want to jump through my family TV and play.

6:26 – New England wins the Super Bowl coin toss…and defers, which is a usual standard for these Patriots. They want the ball to start the third quarter.


6:30 – In a mild upset, Gostkowski doesn’t reach the end zone on the kickoff…decent return. Here we go. Giants O is up…

6:32 – Eli hits Captain Salsa for a first down reception on a 3rd and 6.

6:33 – Early on, no pass rush for the Patriots…Hmm.

6:35 – Well, early on, the Pats secondary is who we thought they were.

6:36 – After a first down catch by Nicks in Patriots territory, Giants go sack, loss of a yard on a Bradshaw run, sack by Mark Anderson. Hope the Bears fans enjoyed that series by the former Bear.

6:40 – New England starts their first drive at their own 5…GISELE SIGHTING! Big night for her…I’ll explain later.

6:41 – Uh oh. Brady gets protection but no one downfield for his throw as he is hit…Intentional grounding…SAFETY. Wow.


6:46 – Already…a critical drive for New England. Bradshaw rips off a 24-yard run to the NE 33.

6:47 – Giants running game has been rather trashy so far but they’ve run 17 plays to New England’s 1.

6:50 – Sterling Moore forces a fumble BUT 12 men on the field. Patriots D is getting trucked.

6:51 – Giants drive 78 yards…concluding with a touchdown to Cruz. A salsa dance of doom later and this game is already in peril…


6:55 – Well, at least the Patriots aren’t near their own end zone. Woof.!/nancygay/status/166308664880267264

6:56 – People who had 9 in their block pools are doing the Victor Cruz salsa dance.

6:59 – The New England offense finally starts trucking along deep in Giants territory thanks to Wes Welker…but we’re already at the end of the first. Uncle Momentum has his Giants hat tilted to the side.



7:05 – Jason Pierre-Paul kills a New England drive with a swatted Brady pass on a third down. Gostkowski answers with a field goal.


7:07 – By the way, that safety is essentially a turnover because of the Giants scoring a touchdown.

7:08 – I’m not going to honor the corny “JPP” song. Instead, I opt for the real deal.

7:16 – Brilliant catch by Nicks near midfield to keep a drive alive for the Giants…

7:18 – Huge break for the Patriots…Nicks gets called for an illegal substitution penalty. Bradshaw comes up four yards short of a first down. Punt time…

7:21 – Giants tight end Travis Beckum will not return…!/Patricia_Traina/status/166315257109807105

7:22 – JPP bats down second pass. This has got to drive Belichick (and Brady) crazy.

7:22 – Underrated factor so far…NE not picking up junk yards on runs.

7:23 – Welker falls inches short on a third down conversion. NE has to punt it away. Imperative that NE does its job defensively.

7:25 – New England is getting chopped up at the line of scrimmage in the first half here.

7:27 – The good news for NE is that Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham aren’t killng them. The bad news is their front seven is getting decimated.

7:28 – Another penalty kills a New York drive and keeps NE standing. Holding penalties on third and shorts are brutal. Kevin Boothe, I’m looking at you.

7:30 – Steve Weatherford setup the safety with a great punt and has done it again, pinning the Pats inside of their 10. New England needs Madonna out here fast.

7:37 – Our first Rob Gronkowski reference…he makes a 20-yard reception. Obviously, not the same guy…which is one of the differences so far. That, along with New England’s D-line getting firebombed so far is contributing to the 9-3 result.

7:40 – Patriots in Giants territory…but ingloriously booted out thanks to a Brian Waters holding penalty. However, Aaron Hernandez is killing Giant LBs. Pats on the stroll.

7:43 – The Rock is quoting Jay-Z in a GI-Joe film trailer. Twilight zone stuff…

7:44 – Danny Woodhead and Hernandez are doing work…

7:46 – JPP comes up with a gigantic tackle on a 2nd and 2 inside of the NYG 5. NE has :15 seconds…

7:47 – New England TD after tremendous pass protection. A 3-yard reception by Danny Woodhead. A masterful drive by the Patriots. They drive 96 yards for six.


7:50 – This.!/ErikFrenz/status/166322534571192321


SYNOPSIS: Incredible effort by New England to get back into the game. The Giants whipped them for nearly the first 30 minutes. The Giants are in this situation because of two mental errors…the Nicks penalty and the Boothe hold. That’s your ballgame, there. Also, that Rolls Royce of pass rushes better start getting to Tom Brady.

8:00 – Madonna time…!/BleedingGreen/status/166328822688522244

8:15 – Well done young lady.


8:24 – NE opens the third with an Ocho sighting. His reception gives the Pats a first down…and they’re off.

8:25 – Patriots offense is almost in full step. Brady has 14 straight completions. Super Bowl record. Sorry Joseph Clifford Montana.

8:27 – Brady’s dart throwing competition concludes with Brady finding Hernandez for a 12-yard score. Giants definitely on the ropes. Eli better have an roundhouse hook under his belt. Otherwise, look out…


8:34 – Giants moving along just fine into Patriots territory…much needed drive for them.

8:36 – Patrick Chung just Wang Chung’d Nicks right out of the game. Giants ball near the NE 20…He’s back though.

8:38 – New York’s drive ends after a Sterling Moore hit on Manningham. Lawrence Tynes to the rescue…


8:41 – Clearly, this is the part of the game where the Giants defense steps up and sends Brady into some sort of tailspin.!/AlbertBreer/status/166335998660325376

8:47 – Finally, a Giants sack. Brady gets taken down for the first time tonight. Party time for the Giants offense…

8:49 – Rut roh.!/RapSheet/status/166337564276555778

8:49 – Looked like he got banged on that left arm.

8:55 – How about this Patriots D…getting dragged to their 20-yard line nearly every possession but winning third downs. Manning ends up getting sacked on a third down to kill a TD drive. Tynes time again…


9:00 – I’m going to cease writing about the importance of drives at this point. It’s the Super Bowl…they’re all important! Anyhow, Brady and friends marching as the third quarter ends.


9:01 – If you’re the Giants…it could be worse. As for New England, they keep doing what they are doing…it’ll be a wrap.


9:03 – Brady is intercepted on a bomb…by Chase Blackburn…a linebacker. Pass intended for Gronkowski. First turnover of the game.

9:05 – Ahmad Bradshaw nearly fumbles away Super Bowl XLVI. However, Bradshaw gets a mulligan as a teammate recovers. The Giants have fumbled three times in this game. The first was recovered by NE but nullified by a penalty; the second and third were recovered by NY because they happened to be in the neighborhood.

9:11 – Rob Ninkovich saves Giants with an offsides penalty after NE got off the field on 3rd and 7. Those mistakes will place you into the Belichick Relocation Program.

9:21- Giants converting key third down plays…except that one, a 3rd and 10 inside NE’s 50. Sterling Moore may or may not have made contact early against Manningham. Another killer penalty by Boothe turning a 3rd and 5 into a 3rd and 10 on a false start. The Giants also used two of their three timeouts. That has to come back and haunt them, yes? Punt time. More awful field position for the Pats.!/patspulpit/status/166345565339254787

9:25 – Yep.

9:29 – Patriots around midfield…nice third down catch by Hernandez, who is playing the role of Gronk.

9:31 – Patriots drive stalls thanks to Wes Welker drop and an incomplete pass to Deion Branch. Hide the liquor and guns from Patriots fans.

9:34 – Manning fires a long pass downfield to Manningham, who makes a herculian effort to haul it in. 3:39 remaining. Belichick loses challenge. Giants ball at the 50.

9:38 – Giants about ready to put this car in park. Inside the NE 20 with two minutes left and NE has a pair of timeouts.

9:40 – This is a tough pill to swallow for New England. Controlled the game at 17-9. Haven’t done anything since.

9:44 – New England allows Bradshaw to score. Crazy thing is…Bradshaw falls back into the end zone. I don’t think he meant to do that. Two point try coming…and it misses.


9:47 – Brady has 57 seconds and a timeout.

9:53 – Death.


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