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Ryan Fitzpatrick Celebrates Stevie Johnson Contract With Awful Haircut

Sometimes in life, a picture can tell us so many things.

Take for instance this picture of Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick from earlier today.

The Harvard graduate decided to shave the message “He’s Back” into the side of his head with a few squiggly lines thrown in after teammate Stevie Johnson inked a five-year, $36.25 million contract extension on Monday.

Surely, Bills fans can rest easy knowing their front office has signed away $43 million in guaranteed money to two guys who labored down the stretch in 2011.

Fitzpatrick threw 12 touchdown passes and 17 interceptions after signing a deal worth $59 million (with $24 million guaranteed) in late October. Overall, Fitzpatrick led the NFL with 23 interceptions.

Johnson’s numbers declined after a breakout 2010 campaign and he only posted one 100-yard receiving game last season. Those facts along with Johnson’s questionable on-field behavior, make this a risky proposition.

Don’t worry Bills fans.

The guy with the lines in the side of his head controls your fate.

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  1. I just saw this post. Jerk. Look at Stevie’s numbers against God’s Son, aka Revis Island and let me know how he stacks up against other star WRs.

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