Denver Broncos

Five Reasons Why Denver Is The Most Logical Fit For Peyton Manning!/ShooterMcGavin_/status/181896343961350144

The Denver Broncos offer the most logical fit for the man who reportedly is going to be their next quarterback – Peyton Manning.

Remember, most logical fit doesn’t necessarily mean best fit.

Arguably, the San Francisco 49ers (and Houston Texans, if you really wanted to stretch out this scenario) offered the best situation for Manning to reach a Super Bowl based off of personnel in each conference from a pool of teams that may need a quarterback to take them to the proverbial “next level.”

However, Denver was the spot where Manning probably had the least issues to deal with related to reaching a Super Bowl.

Here are the reasons why Manning will be a Bronco as I see it:

1. Eli: It’s evident that Peyton wanted nothing to do with playing against Eli in the NFC playoffs with a Super Bowl berth potentially in the balance. Whether it was San Francisco or Washington, the chance of seeing Eli at some point appeared to factor into Peyton’s ultimate decision to stay out of the NFC.

2. Revis Island & The Continent of Brady & Belichick:  Hypothetically, let’s say Peyton ended up with Miami. He would play four games against the Patriots and a pair against Darrelle Revis and the Jets. His remaining two divisional games would be against the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Buffalo Bills that now have Mario Williams. Does that sound extremely appealing? Paired up with Miami’s lackluster offensive personnel, it doesn’t seem like they were ever a serious option. Instead, he’ll deal with Dysfunction Junction in Oakland; the Norv/Phil Rivers combo in San Diego; and Romeo Crennel in Kansas City. I’ll take the AFC West for $500, Alex.

3. This One’s for John: Without question, having one of the ten greatest quarterbacks to play the position as a significant front office face in Denver gives Manning a different type of sounding board that he wouldn’t have in other places.

4. The Alpha Dog Syndrome: Last off-season, Tennessee ponied up a $56 million contract to keep running back Chris Johnson happy. Would Johnson quietly yield to the offense changing philosophy and becoming more a pass-first attack in Tennessee? Probably not without a fight.

Meanwhile, San Francisco has a boisterous head coach (Jim Harbaugh) that clearly runs the ship. Harbaugh was definitely interested in Manning but would their personalities work well together? Remember, Peyton’s three head coaches in the NFL were Jim Mora, Tony Dungy, and Jim Caldwell. Guess which one was fired while Manning was the alpha dog in Indy? Yep, the loud one.

Again, Manning will not have that problem in Denver. The media will kiss his ring; while Fox and Elway will contently sit in the background.

5. A Tebow Free Zone: One of the reasons why Manning is no longer a Colt stems from what we saw with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Eventually, the young apprentice wants to become the man and at some point, the organization will want it too. Meanwhile, the old master is unwilling to give up his turf as the team’s leader…unless he is pushed out, which is what happened with Manning and Andrew Luck in Indy. Once Manning officially becomes a Bronco, Tebow will be out of Denver faster than you can say Kyle Orton.

Does Peyton’s move to Denver ensure the Broncos of becoming AFC Super Bowl contender?

While Vegas says yes, conventional wisdom, New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and several neck surgeries suggest otherwise.

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