New England Patriots

Cream Or Sugar: Rob Gronkowski Works At Dunkin’ Donuts

Rob Gronkowski is back from his busy Spring Break vacation and served the masses in Foxboro, Massachusetts on Tuesday.

New England’s social butterfly tight end recently signed a two-year deal with Dunkin’ Donuts to pitch their product and aided the franchise by working the drive-thru window on Tuesday with ankle boot in tow.

No word on how many reduced-fat blueberry muffins or glazed doughnuts were sold but Gronkowski enjoyed himself, according to the Boston Globe:

“It was fun working the drive-through,” he continued. “I met one customer who said she had a puppy named after me – named Gronk – so that was pretty cool. I put a couple signatures on cups. I think people were happy going through and it was just a blast being back here.”

While most of the Patriots go into hibernation this time of year, Gronkowski has been front and center- for better or worse.

Meanwhile, one of Gronkowski’s supervisors during the summer and fall did not have as much fun in Palm Beach on Tuesday.

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