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NFL Magazine Is Dead After Just Four Issues

According to Sports Business Journal, the NFL decided to suspend publication of its monthly publication NFL Magazine following only four issues.

The reasoning behind the magazine’s demise was not made clear in an article from Ad Age MediaWorks:

Subscriptions and ad support weren’t the problem, according to spokesman, who said the league might revisit a magazine of its own in the future. “The magazine was well received by fans,” he said. “It was clear to us that it was a viable product.”

But if it was so viable, why was it stopped?

Maybe no one was looking forward to seeing an article published about Gregg Williams, Sean Payton, and the Saints; or perhaps, there was question over whether a league-backed magazine could be successful while serving as nothing more than a glorified propaganda piece.

Whatever the reason, save that inaugural issue of NFL Magazine with Tim Tebow on the cover. It appears it’ll be a collector’s item.

The final issue will be its April edition.

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  1. That quote is a complete lie. Think about it…why would you suspend a “viable product” in an era when the league just negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that absolutely relies on on revenues nearly doubling over the next ten years?

    You allude to one problem “glorified propaganda piece.” this means you would have never seen the dirt on Bounty-gate here.

    Want to know what the real problem is? It’s twofold…first, magazines are dead in the era of the internet and smartphones; secondly, the NFL has hit media saturation. Who needs a magazine to tell me stories I’ve already seen in 50 other media outlets?

  2. The magazine would have been a better idea during the 80s or early 90s when information wasn’t so easily obtainable.

    Most savvy fans can see through them.

    I don’t know how they could have seriously published a magazine without doing something on the Saints but who knows.

    You’re right about the saturation. Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.

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