New Orleans Saints

New Gregg Williams Audio Describes Bounty Attempt On Alex Smith; Plan To Injure Other 49ers

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon released audio from exiled Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams prior to the NFC Divisional playoff game between New Orleans and San Francisco that depicts a bounty placed on the head of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Reported by Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, the Williams speech occurred one night before the 49ers defeated New Orleans to reach the NFC title game.

During the diatribe, the embattled Williams targeted numerous 49ers including Smith, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Kyle Williams. The audio includes a proposed attack of Crabtree’s ACL and an assortment of ways to inflict injury on other 49ers.

Pamphilon discovered the audio while working on a documentary about former Saint Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS.

The timing of the discovery couldn’t be worse. Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are scheduled to appeal their suspensions to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday.

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  1. The problem remains the problem of the entire campaign of anger against the Saints –

    So where were the dirty hits? NO ONE has made any case that the Saints actually launched dirty hits on opposing players – the hits constantly shown in replays are the kind of clean hits universal t o football. In this 49ers game the Niners were the team considered the tougher of the two, plus this game saw just three penalties – ALL on the Niners.

    And at the time of this “bounty program” the Saints were not considered a dirty team or even close to one – it was the Tennessee Titans who were considered a dirty team around that time (2009-11).

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