Bill Belichick

A Six-Year-Old Bill Belichick Was Boss

Bill Belichick turned 60 on Monday and in honor of his big day, the New England Patriots posted a Twitter pic of a six-year-old BB.

Who knew the boy wearing the slightly sinister grin would go on to win three Super Bowls as a head coach?

His 60th birthday isn’t a precursor to his imminent demise though.

Three head coaches won Super Bowls at age 60 or older. Weeb Eubank did it with the Jets in 1969 at 61; a 63-year-old Dick Vermeil won Super Bowl XXXIV with St. Louis in 2000; and Flava Flav’s favorite head coach from the Jersey swamp did it in 2008 and 2012, with his latest triumph coming at age 65.

All is not lost for Belichick but time continues to tick away in his race for a fourth Super Bowl ring as a head coach.


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