Indianapolis Colts

Report: Colts To Select Andrew Luck With First Pick!/AdamSchefter/status/192975890211287040

The Colts have informed Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck that he will be selected with the number one overall pick in next week’s draft.

In other news, the sun rose this morning.

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  1. I know it was the obvious choice, but I wonder if it was the right choice. I’m not as sold on Luck as some. I think he will be great. I’m just not sure if he will be as great as some might think.

    • When you’re selected number one, more often than not, it’s to a bad team, which is what the Colts are and probably will be. Remember, college defenses nowadays are not very good with the exception of a handful. So, this claim of Luck being “the best prospect since John Elway” is a little bit foolish. I think Luck will be very good but we can’t assume that high-pick quarterbacks will succeed..just because. His situation in Indy will help dictate that.

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