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10 NFL Games Roger Sterling Would Enjoy While In The Bathtub During An LSD Episode

During last Sunday night’s edition of Mad Men, Roger Sterling took LSD with his wife in some bizarre form of marriage counseling.

While tripping out, Sterling thought he was sitting in the stadium during a game from the 1919 World Series. Unfortunately for Roger, that series took place some 47 years earlier when he was drinking chocolate milk out of a sippy cup.

That made me wonder about what games he’d enjoy while cranked on LSD. Based off of Sterling’s reaction, it would probably be a rather mercurial list of games:

1. The Sea of Hands Game: Dolphins vs. Raiders (1974 AFC Divisional Playoff) – I’m guessing this crowd would be rather unruly for Roger to deal with but seeing Don Shula’s Dolphins get their comeuppance would provide great theater. He’d probably have an imaginary flask full of Jim Beam in the stands with him too.

2. The Ice Bowl: Cowboys vs. Packers (1967 NFL Championship Game) – The imaginary cold would make him delirious.

3. December 11, 1993: Jets vs. Redskins – The Jets won 3-0. I vaguely remember watching this game when I was 14 and thinking the American public was being punished for some deed to receive such an awful game. High dosages of LSD would be the only way someone would find this game enjoyable, no?

4. The Bodybag Game: Redskins vs. Eagles – Injuries, injuries, and more injuries. Roger would delight in the terrible misfortunes of others.

5. Randall Cunningham Punt Game: Eagles vs. Giants – A 91-yard punt in a cold and windy Meadowlands by a quarterback should be enough to win over a first-time LSD user.

6. Super Bowl I: Chiefs vs. Packers  – Before it became the “Super Bowl”, it was a far smaller affair. However, Roger would be enthralled by the pomp and circumstance.

7. 1958 NFL Championship Game: Colts vs. Giants – This is Roger’s type of game. Two elite teams for the NFL title.

8. 1970 NFC Divisional Playoff: Cowboys vs. Lions – Who scores five points in a playoff game…and wins??!?!?

9. 1981 NFC Championship: Cowboys vs. 49ers – Imaginary Roger in the Bay Area would probably end with him getting locked up.

10. Super Bowl VII: Dolphins vs. Redskins – LSD and the Garo Yepremian play are a match made in heaven.

Rock on Roger.

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