Eli Manning

Eli Manning Says He Is Still Not The Man In New York

Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning recently told Shepard Smith of FOX News during a discussion at Ole Miss that he was the third most talked about quarterback in New York City.

According to the New York Daily News, Manning, who slayed Tom Brady’s Patriots for the second time in four years, “jokingly” explained to the audience that he was put on the backburner thanks to New York’s other notable quarterbacks, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez of the Jets:

“(The) New York Giants just won a championship,” Manning said to Fox News Channel over the weekend, “yet I’m still the third most talked about quarterback in my own city.”

Manning was smiling and got a good laugh from the crowd at Ole Miss when he delivered that line during a panel discussion moderated by Fox News’ Shepard Smith, so it didn’t appear he was truly hurt by the lack of attention. Then again, it’s not the first time this offseason he’s brought the subject up.

While Manning was trying on his sense of humor perhaps for his Saturday Night Live appearance on May 5, he does bring up a point. Despite being a far bigger factor collectively in New York’s success during their most recent Super Bowl run, it appears Manning still isn’t getting his due in the Big Apple.

As I see it, there are three reasons for this:

1. Jeremy Lin – His star exploded soon after New York’s Super Bowl win.

2. Mark Sanchez – Somehow, his maddening inconsistency has led to more notoriety. I think Kate Upton has something to do with this too.

3. Tebow – Duh.

One day Eli will get the attention he deserves. For now, he has to share the city again with New York football’s second citizens.

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  1. Eli is just humble. He does not need attention, or hype to stay in the spot light. He follows his passion and plays is position with professional skill and does not place himself ahead of the game itself. Checkout nflfemale.com The #1 NFL site 4 women.

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