JMRA Week In Review

JMRA Week In Review: She’s Got The Six

Lauren Tannehill. That is all.

We’re under two months away from NFL training camps beginning and it’s time to bring you news in mass quantities…

HBO announced that the upcoming season of “Hard Knocks” will feature the Miami Dolphins. I’m guessing a part of the season will center around Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren.

Speaking of Mrs. Tannehill, a part of her upcoming Maxim photo shoot leaked on the internet. I’m quite happy my Maxim subscription for my Nook is still up and running.

The Saints’ bounty mess included payment for “cart-offs” and “whacks”. Oh lord.

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma will not invite Roger Goodell over to his house for Christmas dinner.

Another awful song parody is on the internet. This one is about Peyton Manning.

Tom Brady is feeling his comedic oats these days. His amusing Funny or Die skit hit the internet this week. Now, after Eli Manning’s turn as host of Saturday Night Live, Brady says he is ready for another go-around.

Stay away from bath salts, please.

A black cloud continues to follow Terrell Owens. Of course, it’s never his fault.

Things I learned yesterday…Allison Williams of “Girls” is the daughter of NBC’s Brian Williams. Yes, I’m late to the party as always.

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