Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Signs With Colts; Jim Irsay Is Happy Enough To Quote Bad Pop Song

Courtesy of Jim Irsay’s Twitter account.

If you’re an NFL fan that uses Twitter, consider Colts owner Jim Irsay a must-follow.

Your life may not necessarily be enriched but at least Irsay has the common courtesy to tweet music lyrics and crack jokes to keep his audience mildly entertained.

For example, hours after signing quarterback and number one overall draft pick Andrew Luck to a four-year, $22.1 million contract (with a $14.5 million signing bonus), Irsay was in a celebratory mood on Twitter:

To the unfamiliar, Irsay drew inspiration for his tweet from the forgettable Far East Movement tune, “Like A G6”.

Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time” it is not.

If “Like A G6” doesn’t ring a bell, just head to bar or club with college kids during one of those “$2 You-Call-Its” specials. Ask them to put down their Yuengling or Long Island Iced Tea for 30 seconds to discuss pop music. They’ll know it. Either that or use Shazam on your iPhone.

Anyhow, Irsay has plenty to be happy about. He avoided any type of significant contract dilemma with Luck and the rookie from Stanford can get down to business in preparation for Indy’s training camp.

While Kurt Warner recently offered a somewhat disappointing comparison of Matt Ryan to Luck, Irsay has much loftier hopes for the man who will replace Peyton Manning.

By the way, if Irsay is tweeting Far East Movement lyrics during the summer, what will he go with after the Colts start 1-9?

Flo Rida? Goyte? Mott the Hoople?

If they start poorly, hopefully he’ll post the subtly depressing lyrics of Wang Chung’s “To Live and Die in L.A”.

Indy’s play in 2012 is likely to equal that song’s slow dismal march.

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