NFL Picks

NFL Week 3 Pickage

A reader suggested that I start making picks. Well, I suppose he’s right.

I’ll do it the right way next week with the appropriate bells and whistles because I’ll have a scheme surrounding it.

I can’t just pick games for the sake of picking them. You deserve better and you’ll get it…next week.

Plus, I do dumb things when picking games. I’m nervous to subject you to that. For example, I hitched my saddle to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers last night. Boy was that foolish.

Anyhow, here are three picks to live by this week for entertainment purposes only:

ATLANTA 24, SAN DIEGO 21 – The NFL scheduling lords know how to do it. Atlanta plays on Monday night, then has to fly Cali to face San Diego. Plus, the Falcons have the road gene (the inability to consistently play well on the road). Thus, this has upset written all over it…except for the fact that San Diego owns two wins over a couple of tomato cans (Oakland, Tennessee). Frauds, they are…

PHILADELPHIA 26, ARIZONA 17 – Speaking of upset alert, this one also has the recipe. Arizona thoroughly outplayed New England last week behind a tremendous defensive line effort…BUT if Rob Gronkowski didn’t go into PARTY GRONK mode in the final quarter, the Cards lose. Meanwhile, Philly squeaked out another one-point win but not without a big injury. Center Jason Kelce is out and that leaves a big void along the Eagles offensive line. However, I have a major problem here and his name is Kevin Kolb. Considering how the Eagles defense is playing, how will the Cardinals drum up offense? Last year when Arizona won at Philly, Kolb had the offense’s old signals while he observed from the sideline. He’ll actually have to do the heavy lifting this time. Also, Larry Fitzgerald has five more catches than I do through two games; and Arizona’s offense is ranked 30th through two games. A small sample-size? Sure, but probably not far from the truth. Look, Philadelphia is going to give us a stinker as a receipt for the Baltimore game. That’s not on Sunday though…but next Sunday night against the Giants? That’s another story.

BALTIMORE 20, NEW ENGLAND 17: (ALL CAPS ALERT) THE BALTIMORE RAVENS HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME! People are going to freak if the Patriots start 1-2 but in the AFC East, they can survive. The Ravens need to win from a psyche standpoint though. A Ravens win will give them confidence that they can actually beat New England in a relevant spot and will further con people into believing that Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback until he bursts into flames in January. It’ll be fool’s gold but it beats the alternative. Super Bowl contenders win these games at home. I fully except Flacco to game-manage his way to victory. If not, I’ll be waiting with a pitchfork on Monday.

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