green bay packers

A Collection Of Awesome Tweets From Monday’s Packers/Seahawks Fiasco

The sports world is still in a huff over Monday night’s enema performed on the Green Bay Packers by the NFL replacement officials.

While nothing topped the Twitter chloroform applied to the league by Green Bay’s T.J. Lang, here is a sample of Twitter’s work during one of the great sports shams of all-time.

Dude, no O.J. Simpson jokes please. 

Note the handle. Congrats, this will be someone’s wife and/or Mom one day.

He must believe in Santa Claus too.

If by compete, you mean assault someone, then I suppose you have a point. 

I’m sure they’re getting on this Dick.

Well, this is straight up foolish.

Oh dear god…

Seattle is likely to face The Rock at WrestleMania.

Nothing like WWII jokes to lighten the mood.

Not a Stevie Wonder joke…

The two officials working the Tate definitely seemed confused.

Leave it to Arian Foster to bring clarity to the situation. 

It’s “cost” Jermichael, not caused. 

Finish it up, Barry.

Oh Twitter. You’re the best.

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