2014 NFL Season

A 17-Game Guide To The 2014 NFL Season


The NFL released its 256-game regular season schedule on Wednesday, which means its time to overreact and judge the slate beforehand.

Let’s take a week-by-week look at some of the top games of the upcoming NFL season.

Week 1 – Green Bay at Seattle – The Fail Mary Rematch…can we fly in the replacement refs again?

Week 2 – Philadelphia at Indianapolis – A matchup between two 2013 division champs and two of the better young quarterbacks in football.

Week 3 – Denver at Seattle – Instead of watching this game, I’ll just re-watch February’s browbeating. That was football art, my friends.

Week 4 – Philadelphia at San Francisco – The Eagles’ high-powered attack gets tested by one of the NFL’s elite defensive units.

Week 5 – Cincinnati at New England – These two combined for a defensive battle last season that saw Tom Brady’s touchdown streak come to an end.

Week 6 – New England at Buffalo – Brandon Spikes Unchained, Vol. 1. 

Week 7 – San Francisco at Denver – The Super Bowl that never was. Richard Sherman’s hand prevented these two teams from playing last February in MetLife Stadium.

Week 8 – Green Bay at New Orleans – Rodgers vs. Brees. POINTS.

Week 9 – Denver at New England – Brady v. Manning, Edition XVI. I have to say, their AFC title game last January was easily one of the worst of the previous 15 meetings.

Week 10 – San Francisco at New Orleans – Jim Harbaugh once again returns to the scene of his greatest loss.

Week 11 – Philadelphia at Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers missed last year’s meeting that saw the Eagles claim a big victory.

Week 12 – Detroit at New England – Over/under for number of fines that come from this game because illegal hits on Brady…2?

Week 13 – Seattle at San Francisco – As the kids like to say, the Thanksgiving tripleheader is fresh to death. The NFC title game rematch closes the night.

Week 14 – Seattle at Philadelphia – We’ll learn a lot about Philadelphia’s place in the NFC when they host the defending Super Bowl champion.

Week 15 – Dallas at Philadelphia – Yet again, we’ll probably be asking how the Cowboys can slide their way into the playoffs.

Week 16 – Denver at Cincinnati – I have an increasing fear this game will be on my television screen in mid to late January.

Week 17 – Dallas at Washington – Dallas holds the NFL postseason hostage again during a Sunday Night Football flex game by refusing to win the NFC East title.

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