Brandon Spikes

Brandon Spikes Compares Time With Patriots To Slavery


Former New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has been quite vocal during the offseason. First, after jumping ship to AFC East rival Buffalo, Spikes decided to throw some shade on (and rightfully so) Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Now, Spikes is back at it again but launching a verbal assault towards his former team.

The University of Florida product predicted a pair of wins against the Patriots and referred to some of the Pats fanbase as “Massholes” but then decided to take it over the top by tweeting “4 years a slave” which was used to describe his time as a Patriot.

Any athlete comparing his time with a team to slavery is making as foolish a comparison as one could make. Brandon Spikes made $630,000 in 2013.

When Alex Haley aired Roots in 1977, I don’t think any of the slaves pulled in nearly $1 million. In fact, let’s point out the sheer lack of backbone in Spikes’s comments. Check out this clip from Roots: 

That look like a comparable experience for an NFL player?

When an athlete brings up slavery it doesn’t make much sense. I understand the point in a twisted way. The Patriots want you to do business their way, period.

That’s a team wanting players to conform to their standards. It’s a business, not a club. It’s not slavery.

Slaves weren’t going to the Super Bowl, driving luxury cars, appearing on movie sets, or making cameos in rap videos.

Spikes didn’t enjoy his time in New England. We get it.

Yet, drudging up the slavery angle as a comparison is completely unreasonable and unnecessary.

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