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A Look At Dumb, Drunken NFL Fan Debauchery

Eric Winston is really bent out of shape over Chiefs fans cheering the injury to a fallen Matt Cassel last Sunday.

Perhaps Winston shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Maybe fans were happy that action had stopped and they were no longer being tortured by watching Cassel and Super Joe Flacco set back quarterbacking by 15 years.

Let’s assume Winston is right though and a certain segment of Kansas City Chiefs fans are barbarians.

Yet, should we be shocked this happened?


NFL fans are lunatics. Not all of them obviously but a sizable percentage.

That in no way excuses what happened in Kansas City but fans wait all week to watch their beloved team do something great or horrific.

Of course, they are going to get blitzed or turn their pent-up anticipation into hate or a mixture of both.

Let’s examine why Mr. Winston perhaps needs to lower his expectations for NFL fans at large by viewing actions of other crazies:

Every year is supposed to be OUR year. Thanks for reminding me, knucklehead. The Eagles did not go all the way. Jeff Garcia and the Birds lost to Drew Brees and the Saints in the NFC Divisional round. 

Raiders and Chargers fans trip the light fantastic. 

Two Cowboys fan decide that their team phoned it in, so why not fight each other. 

Moronic. If that’s the Super Bowl, fine. Torch your home at that point. Hey, it’s one of the great Eagles regular season wins ever, I’m not breaking a window in my house over it though. 

Look, Texans fans are hungry. This fight took place in August at Reliant Stadium. 

Candlestick Park is a concrete jungle. 

Good lord. Raiders and 49er fans throwing punches like they are paying tribute to Hagler-Hearns. Only thing missing here is Eagles fans joining in to make it a three-way dance. 

See Mr. Winston, you’ve set the bar at an unrealistic level.

There are classy NFL fans around…just not all of us.

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  1. Especially with these NFL crazed fans, some who have money on the line or fantasy teams, I’m not at all surprised with the fan’s reaction for Matt Cassel. Feel bad for the QB, it must hurt to see your fans do that to you.

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