Michael Vick

Report: Michael Vick To Get A “Rest” For The Rest Of The Season

Jason Cole of Yahoo filed a report on Monday stating that Andy Reid is considering giving quarterback Michael Vick a rest…for the remainder of the season.

Cole cited a pair of sources that stated there was a strong chance that Reid would in fact choose that route.

Scooped on top of the news that Vick suffered a “pretty significant” concussion against Dallas on Sunday, it appears time is up on Vick’s tenure in Philly.

A few things about the Vick “rest” angle to keep in mind:

  1. This is the best time to get an extended look at preseason champ Nick Foles. The “pretty significant” concussion gives them that chance.
  2. The offensive line stinks with Vick or with preseason MVP Nick Foles. Napoleon Dynamite could get clobbered nearly as much as Vick did.
  3. Andy Reid will be fired at season’s end. He has nothing to lose at this point.
  4. Michael Vick will be collecting checks from another team next season. So, there is no point in prolonging the agony. Sit him.

As explained during my emo tweets yesterday, I’m doubtful anything will become of the Foles era. He plays in slow-motion…and I don’t think that’s good.

Foles is just carrying out the same tired slant we’ve seen with Eagles football since the 90s.

The fans hate the starter and want the backup. Rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, in this spot, Vick has to sit.

Sorry Marcus.

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