Dallas Cowboys

A Compilation Of Tony Romo Memes To Get You Through Hump Day


Its Wednesday and America is reeling from the end of the holiday season and the earth-shattering news of Ray Lewis’s retirement.

So, as a panacea for what ails you, it’s time to fall back on an American tradition: belittling Tony Romo. It’s especially timely after Dallas failed to win the NFC East on Sunday, losing to Washington 28-18.

734823_480105108702849_1760674826_nComparing him to Mark Sanchez is a bit cruel but point well-taken…


Well, at least it attracts the ladies and opposing defenders…

544041_480268892019804_1852801850_nApparently, rookies already understand this…

Perhaps Dallas will stop torturing their fans and cut ties with Romo. Then again, it appears Jerry Jones is in ride or die mode with the star-crossed quarterback.

Memes courtesy of NFL Memes

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