The JMRA Podcast

The First JMRA Podcast Is Here…

IMG_2165So, I went a bit over the top with the first podcast.

It runs nearly an hour long. That’s right…an hour of me talking about football and complaining about assorted issues.

Some of the topics covered:

  • The AFC/NFC Wild Card games. 
  • Why this particular postseason is a bit more important than others.
  • Where the Houston Texans went wrong.
  • Which 70s tag-team reminds me of the Shanahans.
  • Questions from our readers.

Alas, it’s a party.

It is still under review by iTunes for language and other questionable material and will be arriving there shortly. They’ll be wildly disappointed when they realize I’m as pure as the driven snow.

Anyhow, you can find Episode 1…here.

Comments, criticism, questions, etc. are more than welcome.

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