green bay packers

Throwback Thursday: The Disgusting Act Of Randy Moss

When the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers met back in January 2005, it didn’t turn out to be just a regular run of the mill playoff game.

It was notable in a few ways:

  • Once invincible at home during the playoffs, the Packers lost for the second time in their last three Lambeau Field postseason games. 
  • Brett Favre threw four interceptions in what continued his streak of postseason meltdowns that continued through the 2009 NFC title game.
  • Oh, and Randy Moss managed to force Joe Buck to freak out on air.

As for that last point, following Moss catching his second of two touchdown passes, Buck went into overdrive after SuperFreak’s infamous “fake moon” to the Lambeau Field fans.

Meanwhile, the Vikings advanced to the NFC Divisional round with a 31-17 win over the Packers and then, lost to Philadelphia a week later, 27-14

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