Bill Belichick

I’ll Take 20 Of The Bill Belichick Hoodie Cupcakes, Please

Photo courtesy of @darrenrovell.

Photo courtesy of @darrenrovell.

A Massachusetts bakery is selling a cupcake with frosting shaped in the form of a hoodie to honor New England Patriots general/head coach/resident NFL genius Bill Belichick.

Sweet Cupcakes is located in the Boston area and makes drool-enducing treats, including Patriots-related fare.

The company posted a pic of the Belichick cupcake on Instagram on Friday but used a unique way to honor the head coach.

The cupcakes’s grey icing is crafted into the shape of a hood after Belichick’s signature gear.

The Belichick cupcake looks tremendous.

This is a marriage of two of my favorite things; baked goods and football.

Any way they’d ship a box of the Belichick Cupcakes to New Jersey?

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