nfl playoffs

NFL Divisional Round Pickage

In case you missed it, check out the NFL Divisional Round preview podcast from Thursday.

During the podcast, we offered up some picks but without the scores. Alas, in point detail, here is the rundown for this weekend’s games:

BRONCOS 31, RAVENS 20 – It’s going to be coooooooooooooold in Denver. I think the Ravens have a shot but need Peyton to wilt in the cold weather.

PACKERS 28, 49ERS 24 – DO NOT read this week’s Bill Simmons mailbag, 49ers fans. It may give you some pause.

FALCONS 27, SEAHAWKS 23 – Gus Bradley is interviewing with the Eagles on Saturday and Seattle flew back home after the Washington game. I don’t like that. They should have made a pit stop somewhere. If the 49ers can do it, so can you Pete.

PATRIOTS 34, TEXANS 26 – I think it’ll be a better game than the Week 14 mess. However, the Patriots are just too much for the Texans.



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