Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The 49ers Create A Phantom

For every wild card weekend team over the last decade that made a run to win the Super Bowl (’05 Steelers, ’10 Packers, or ’11 Giants), there is a counter team that wasn’t quite so lucky.

During the ’89 playoffs, the Los Angeles Rams managed to win their first two road games against NFC East squads.

First, the Eagles fell to the Rams, 21-7. A week later, the Rams continued their sojourn through the east coast by knocking off the Giants in swirling winds of the Meadowlands, 19-13 in overtime.

What was L.A.’s prize for winning two straight postseason road games?

The 1989 49ers.

If you’re constructing a short list of the greatest teams in NFL history, the ’89 49ers should be near the top of most lists.

It was perhaps the finest team during San Francisco’s Super Bowl runs. In the NFC title game, San Francisco’s defense was at its menacing best against the Rams.

The Niners defense harassed Rams quarterback Jim Everett into eventually falling to the ground without assistance.

Sadly for Everett, the “Phantom Sack” turned out to be the signature play of his career.

The 49ers won 30-3, thanks to a tremendous defensive effort and their quarterback. The latter turned out to be a relatively fair player.

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