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SHOCKER: Tim Tebow Struggles To Complete Passes In Patriots Camp


From the “we knew we’d read this at some point during the summer” department, Tim Tebow’s first day at New England Patriots training camp was not a successful one.

Tebow was picked off twice during the opening session. According to Tom Curran of, Tebow’s efforts were underwhelming at best:

The number of interceptions wasn’t as relevant as the nature of the picks. On the first, Tebow threw to the middle of the field during an 11-on-11 drill and was intercepted by safety Nate Ebner. There was a receiver far to Ebner’s left, but Tebow missed by so much, Ebner glided to his left to make the interception. On the other pick, Tebow was intercepted by defensive end Chandler Jones on a checkdown throw to the perimeter of the defense. Tebow also bounced a pass to the sideline about 10 yards short of his target.

Sounds like old Timmy is in fall form already.

When the quarterback experiment fails, will this lead to the “Tebow will become a tight end” storyline that hovered over his original signing?

As per usual though, your football lord and savior is being rather coy about Tebow’s contributions to the team.

Due to other events clouding Patriots training camp, Tebow’s struggles are the least of New England’s problems at the moment.

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  1. Tebow will never be a tight end. The guy can’t block as shown by his performance on the Jets’ special teams.

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