Calvin Johnson

Dez Bryant Is Probably Upset About Calvin Johnson


The Dallas Cowboys coughed up a 27-17 fourth quarter lead in Detroit and lost 31-30 to the Lions.

Yet, Detroit’s dramatic win may prove to be somewhat secondary to the amazing Calvin Johnson, who caught 14 passes for 329 yards and a score.

Johnson fell just seven yards of tying the NFL record for most receiving yards in a game.

Meanwhile, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant caught three passes for 72 yards and two touchdown passes but paled in comparison to Megatron.

Throughout the game, Bryant became infuriated despite his team winning. Soon after Dallas coughed up its double-digit fourth quarter lead, Bryant exploded again.

Teammate Jason Witten clearly was fed up with Bryant’s petulant behavior.

I’m guessing Witten isn’t asking him about the latest iPhone apps to download.

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