Houston Texans

Five Reasons Why Antonio Smith Is Loony About The Patriots

12022013Patriots-Texans-Footb_HopkThe New England Patriots drew the ire of Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith on Sunday during the Pats’ 34-31 come-from-behind win at Reliant Stadium.

Smith suggested that New England’s preparedness for their defensive calls seemed to hint towards…you know, cheating…or spying.

The disgruntled Texan raised an eyebrow over New England handling Houston’s defensive wrinkles which allegedly had never seen the light of the day before.

Of course, Smith’s ramblings appear to be more fitting of a conspiracy theory documentary on A&E rather than something that is steeped in fact.

Yes, Spygate happened…but so did this after Spygate. So, let’s not get back into the hand-wringing again over New England’s success.

Anyhow, there are five reasons why Smith is spitting into the wind on this:

1. The Patriots trailed 17-7 in the first half. New England was so prepared for Houston’s defensive coordinator Wade Phillips that they actually forgot to play well in the first half.

2. The Texans had lost nine in a row prior to Sunday’s loss. Does Smith think this Texans outfit is the second coming of the 1985 Bears?

3. The Patriots have Tom Brady. America’s quarterback is probably one of the two or three greatest signal-callers in league history…but yet he couldn’t figure out how to crack the Texans?

4. New England has “been there, done that” with Houston. The combined score of Houston’s last two games versus New England? 83-42. For the mathematically challenged, New England averaged 41.5 points per game in their two meetings with the Texans in 2012…when Houston was a playoff team.

5. Oh…and this:



If you remember, the Texans decided to bust out those hideous lettermen jackets days prior to getting waxed by the Patriots on Monday Night Football, 42-14. Smith is on the right.

From the “statistic that has nothing to do with anything” department, the Texans are 4-14 since they donned the jackets prior to last season’s regular season meeting with the Patriots.

So, if Smith alleges the Patriots may have used nefarious tactics, I’ll just blame their varsity jackets for Houston’s descent into nowhere.

Also, Captain Pick-Six gets some credit too:

sherman-pick6-vs-texansNice try, Antonio.

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