green bay packers

The 49ers Call In Ric Flair To Rally The Troops


We know that Jim Harbaugh is a pretty good motivator but when the playoffs arrive, special times call for special measures.

Enter 16-time world heavyweight champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who addressed the 49ers in Green Bay prior to Sunday’s opening round playoff game against the Packers.

If you’re not familiar with Flair’s stylings, here is a sample:

Overall, it’s a brilliant decision.

However, we’re a few wins away from an interesting dilemma. Flair is a long-time native of Charlotte, North Carolina. Throughout the season, Carolina celebrated victories by huddling and saying “give me two claps and a Nature Boy…WOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

If Carolina meets San Francisco, how do the Panthers not reach out to Flair?

Whatever the case, if Flair is going to be a staple in the NFL playoffs, I’m all in.


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