AJ McCarron

Katherine Webb & Angry Fiancé Are Headed To Cincinnati

Tennessee v Alabama

Remember that humble quarterback who played for Alabama and led the Crimson Tide to back to back BCS titles and wooed the nation with girlfriend Katherine Webb?

Yeah, he’s gone and probably not coming back for awhile.

The Cincinnati Bengals selected former Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron in the fifth round (pick #164 overall) but the former national champion quarterback had far greater aspirations.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter stated McCarron’s draft stock began to plummet after pre-draft meetings with teams.

According to Pro Football Talk, McCarron believed he would be selected between the 16th and 35th pick overall and also claimed that teams told him that he was a first-round talent.

Alas, McCarron’s attitude in the meetings appeared to be a turnoff alongside his questionable talents.

As McCarron waited to be selected over the first two days, he fired off a tweet that he eventually deleted:

“& y’all thought I played with a chip on my shoulder, JUST WAIT.. God has a great plan & I can’t wait! #blessed #historyinthemaking.”

“History in the making” will have to begin as a backup to Andy Dalton in Cincinnati.

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