Denver Broncos

Broncos Super Bowl Champion T-Shirts Shipped; Peyton Still Not Greatest Ever


Your eyes don’t deceive you.

Peyton Manning is a world champion again…just in a land far, far away.

Those are Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII championship t-shirts that are ready for shipping. Last week, preparations were made to send the Broncos’ championship t-shirts to Africa via World Vision.

Each year following the Super Bowl, World Vision sends the unused t-shirts to underprivileged areas in need of clothing instead of simply destroying them.

Clearly, this is a sore sight for Broncos fans, whom might be a bit sore still following Denver’s humbling 43-8 Super Bowl loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately for Peyton Manning, being credited as a Super Bowl champion in other countries still doesn’t make him the greatest.

That honor would go to Tom Brady, who is 19-0 in Nicaragua.

When it rains, it pours Peyton.

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