New England Patriots

Donovan McNabb Says Tom Brady Is Living On Borrowed Time In New England


Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has turned his attention away from his former employers and Nick Foles to one of his contemporaries and the man who defeated him in Super Bowl XXXIX…Tom Brady.

Following Brady’s Patriots getting lambasted 41-14 by the Kansas City Chiefs and McNabb’s former Andy Reid, the ex-Eagle said the end was near for his former adversary.

“This could be Tom Brady’s last year in New England,” McNabb said on Fox Sports 1 last night.

“Tom Brady was benched for his ineffective play,” McNabb said. “(Rookie quarterback Jimmy) Garoppolo got in there and moved the ball downfield and got the ball in the end zone. If this continues on for another five or six weeks, believe that rumblings will start that this could be Tom Brady’s last year in New England.”

McNabb’s colleague, Jay Glazer, wondered aloud (and rightfully so) if the former Pro Bowl quarterback had lost his mind.

Here’s the funny thing about what McNabb said. Is that where heads need to be right now in regards to the Patriots?

Not at all.

New England is 2-2, not 2-14.

The team is a shadow of its former self offensively and that has little to do with Brady. It has to do with a lack of ability to surround Brady with enough complimentary parts to be competitive.

However, if the team keeps nose-diving and this spirals out of control, why would they want Brady around for that experience?

Better yet, why would Brady want to be around for that?

Once it goes south in New England (and we’re not close to this bottoming out yet), it’s going to be a full-scale rebuild similarly to the ’11-’12 Indianapolis Colts.

Right church, wrong pew, Mc5.


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