New England Patriots

Tom Brady Under Siege, Day 3

Tom Brady

During his Wednesday press conference with the Boston media, Tom Brady was on the receiving end on numerous passive-aggressive “non-Cincinnati” questions in order to get inside the psyche of the three-time Super Bowl champion.

Brady, ever the diplomat, offered little more than “he needs to do a better job” and so does the team.

Another topic covered with Brady was his offensive weaponry (and lack thereof). While TB12 did little to criticize his supporting cast, Wednesday night provided a bit more clarity in regards to one of his missing receivers.

According to, Aaron Dobson was deactivated during Weeks 3 and 4 because he “mouthed off” to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Dobson has not played since New England’s Week 2 win over Minnesota.

Something is broken in New England that runs deeper than #12 including his offensive line. According to former teammate Rodney Harrison, Brady is playing scared because of the lack of protection.

Regardless, we’ve got plenty of football left to be played before deciding to keep kicking dirt on a future first-ball Hall of Famer.

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