Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Fan Threatens Arthur Blank With Mob Violence After Panthers Loss


During HBO’s Hard Knocks last summer, Mike Smith said there was a building consensus around the league that his team was soft.

The jury has reached its verdict on Smith’s assertion and he was positively correct in the aftermath of Sunday’s absurd 34-3 drubbing at the hands of the Carolina Panthers in what amounted to the NFC South title game.

Well, as one can imagine, Falcons fans were not thrilled.

One fan in particular called for the blood of Mike Smith and Matt Ryan following the loss.

In the video above, the gentlemen went on to say that owner Arthur Blank needed to address both Smith and Ryan…or risk facing the wrath of the mob.

Ladies and gentlemen, Atlanta Falcons fans!

Anyhow, the gentleman finished 1 for 2 on Monday.

Today, Blank announced the firing of Smith after seven seasons in Atlanta.

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