Super Bowl XLIX

Ranking The Potential Super Bowl XLIX Matchups


While the divisional round might be the best football weekend in terms of overall quality, Championship Sunday displays the end of the road to the Super Bowl.

Also, it allows football fans a chance to speculate about the potential Super Bowl matchups that could come out of Championship Sunday.

The final four on Sunday (Green Bay, Seattle, Indianapolis, & New England) all offer something alluring to the audience that could make the two-week wait for the game seem like five minutes.

Alas, let’s count it down:

4. Indianapolis vs. Seattle – Which one of these quarterbacks owns a win over the Legion of Boom Seahawks (2012-present)? Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, or Drew Brees?

If you guessed Luck, you’d be correct. Luck’s Colts topped the Seahawks in 2013 behind a huge day from T.Y. Hilton (140 yards, 2 TDs). So, how would a rematch shape up?

Not good.

Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch both rushed for over 100 yards in last season’s 34-28 loss in Indy. It reasonable to think that a rematch on a neutral field might yield more cataclysmic results for the Colts rush defense.

Plus, Indianapolis spent the better part of this season getting annihilated by good teams (See Dallas, New England, and Pittsburgh for further confirmation). That’s probably why John Elway opted for this treatment with John Fox after the Colts knocked Denver out of the playoffs last Sunday:

Thus, the Indianapolis dead fish game is coming again. We’re due, whether it be in Foxborough on Sunday or against the defending champions in Glendale.

3. Indianapolis vs. Green Bay – Luck vs. Rodgers. No offense to Eddie Lacy and the ghost of Trent Richardson or whomever the Colts opt to start in the backfield, no running backs in that game would be best. I would just want to watch Luck and Rodgers throw the ball 60 times each.

Plus, I can’t remember a potential Super Bowl matchup in recent memory where America would probably care less about defense.

While the Colts would probably be decisive underdogs in the game, this might be the funnest Super Bowl option on the table.

2. New England vs. Green Bay – Now, it’s grown folks time. It’s not often that NFL regular season games feel special at this point in time. However, when the Patriots and Packers got together back on November 30, it felt different.

How different?

This game served as a part of Tom Brady’s crazy parade of profanity:


Following New England’s 26-21 loss, there was a definite sense that these two teams expected or – at the least – wouldn’t be surprised if they crossed paths in the Super Bowl.

The regular season contest marked the first all-time meeting between Brady/Belichick and Rodgers/McCarthy and it definitely lived up to the billing.

One interesting point after that game that lingers with a rematch on the horizon…

New England fell behind 23-14 at halftime but outscored the Packers, 7-3 in the game’s second half with a chance late to score a go-ahead touchdown before a third down sack and missed field goal essentially cost the Pats a win at Lambeau Field.

A rematch of arguably the regular season’s best game, would truly be divine. It would pit arguably, the game’s two best quarterbacks and two of the greatest quarterbacks ever (maybe, probably assuming Rodgers stays on this current career arc.).

Where do I sign?

1. New England vs. Seattle – THIS. IS. IT. The undisputed top Super Bowl pairing would be Seattle vs. New England. As great as a Packers/Pats rematch would be, we’ve seen it in the Super Bowl once before.

Let’s run through some of the juicy plots:

  • Defending champ Seattle trying to become the first team to repeat since…the ’03-’04 Patriots.
  • Pete Carroll vs. his former boss and team: New England Patriots’s owner Robert Kraft.
  • Bill Belichick trying to lose the burden of not having won a Super Bowl since Spygate.
  • Tom Brady winning a fourth Super Bowl ring – tying Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most Super Bowl rings.
  • Marshawn Lynch revisiting the site of arguably his greatest run ever nearly two months ago.
  • Russell Wilson has a chance to become just the eighth quarterback ever to win consecutive Super Bowls.
  • The Legion of Boom vs. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in a rematch of the great “U Mad Bro” game in Seattle in 2012.
  • Oh, and it would be New England’s first time in Glendale, Arizona since:

TyreeIn all seriousness, if it happens…it’s a meeting of the two best teams in football and all circumstances understood, the two most important franchises in the sport.

If it happens, it’ll be amazing. To further the point, I spent all of December figuring out how the game would play out in real life by pitting those two against each other in Madden repeatedly.

(HINT: It’s really hard to beat Seattle.)

Anyhow, should another matchup arrive to Glendale, it’s A-OK NFL fans.

Despite a crappy regular season filled with enough off-field nonsense to embarrass The Shield for quite sometime, football fans will be rewarded with a great Super Bowl (we hope) to end the season.



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